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phone541 344 7449

office296 East 5th Ave, Suite 327
Eugene, OR 97401   [map]

We brand
authentic experiences
by understanding people,
aligning cultures, and
designing meaningful connections
to which people are drawn.

Here is how:


We work to find your ethos, your heart and soul, to become familiar with those you serve and those you hope to serve.

  • + Market Research
  • + Consumer Portrait
  • + Brand Personality
  • + Unfocus Groups
  • + Focus Groups
  • + Deep Dives


A brand's foundation emerges as we assimilate the findings we collect. These serve as the rails to guide future work.

  • + Alignment Report
  • + Brand Strategy
  • + Consumer Profile
  • + Brand & Culture Guide
  • + Thinkstorm Retreat
  • + Product Ideation


Everything communicates something. We create alignment between your personality and promises.

  • + Naming / Tagline
  • + Brand Identity
  • + Communications
  • + Package Design
  • + Advertising
  • + Digital Development
  • + TV / Radio / Media
  • + Environments
  • + Experiential Events
  • + Social Media


Brands thrive and endure when their internal cultures embrace and champion the brand.

  • + Culture Development
  • + Team Building
  • + On-boarding
  • + Brand Camp
  • + Brand Retreat
  • + Ambassador Training
  • + Evaluation

We Listen

We listen—to you, your customers, your employees‚ but it is a very active form of listening. It is the kind of listening that involves asking a lot of questions, the right kind of questions. And we listen not just to words but also to nuance, body language, inflection, expressions, and cues.

We listen in order to understand who you are, who you really are. We then use this information to build a foundation for where to start, and where to go.

We Think

Benjamin Franklin quipped that failing to prepare is the same as preparing to fail. We have certainly found this to be true of many parts of life, including brand development.

Brands who take the time to plan and strategize are rewarded with efficiency, agility, and momentum. And patrons will discover consistency and authenticity— essential ingredients to earning trust.

This is why we advocate strategy, thinking, alignment, and ideation before creation.

We Create

Creativity should always begin with a pencil, never a mouse. The pencil requires intentionality, working to achieve the goals gleaned from listening and planning. It allows objectives to be achieved, emotions to balance, perceptions to confirm.

With intention, we then create our work— whatever the medium or outlet: from brand identity to advertising, collateral, packaging, web experiences, social media, corporate and retail environments, social media, signage, TV, radio, events, and promotions.

We Nurture

Goods were once bought on store shelves. Now brands are worn on sleeves—not just literally with an embroidered icon, but as part of one’s own personal identity.

Consumers now want to identify with the cultures connected to the goods they purchase. Which is why the development of your organizational culture is vital. We help build culture through initiatives, team building, camps, trainings, and on-boarding programs. Over time these initiatives align and strengthen your brand culture.

We would much rather
show than tell:


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phone541 344 7449

office296 East 5th Ave, Suite 327
Eugene, OR 97401   [map]