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office296 East 5th Ave, Suite 327
Eugene, OR 97401   [map]

People are naturally drawn to that which is meaningful, to connections that
are real and authentic, to that which inspires. This is true of stories, of
traditions, of relationships, and true of genuine brand experiences.


We begin our work by listening. We listen so we can understand who you truly are—your unique personality, your ethos, your heart and soul. And we listen to your members, your fans, your critics. The result is an articulated Brand Personality, which allows us to begin aligning your internal culture with an external message that together will cultivate a fiercely loyal following.


The process we advocate does not chase for attention like other approaches, nor will it produce distracting ROI.  Earning trust takes time, and it requires endurance.  It builds a swelling community of lifelong advocates who are drawn to your transparency.  Brands who follow this course have purpose, longevity, and equity in the kind of ROI that will last.


What emerges is an authentic brand experience. The process produces human-centered design: the result of empathetic understanding, an acute penchant for detail, a commitment to crafting quality and engaging experiences that communicate a single and true voice. We believe organizations who engage with this process find sustainability and long-term success.

  • Authentic brands embody a message
    that is integrated, seamless, magnetic.

  • Transparency is central
    to authenticity.

  • Customer engagement becomes
    simpler with an authentic brand.

  • Authentic working cultures have more natural, simplified expectations of their workforce.

  • Earning trust takes time—a long
    journey in the same direction.

  • Authenticity is more lean
    and more profitable.

  • Authenticity can be difficult to measure with numbers, but is easily found with loyalty.

  • Promoting an authentic brand is
    natural, never requiring force.

  • Creating authenticity
    requires discipline.

  • Authenticity builds a swelling
    community of lifelong advocates.

Fitting Chart

We may be a GOOD BAD fit if you:

appreciate words like: cohesive, detail, resilient, clever, substantial

are looking to build lasting value

are willing to listen to new ideas

find logic, reason, and discernment to be valuable exercises

agree that sliced bread is a fairly low bar for creative ideas

applaud charitable actions

appreciate words like: imitation, quick, easy, pretense, blast

are going to ask us to whip up your ideas

are determined to use teal & salmon

are prone to making impulsive and hasty decisions

feel like you’re in a league of your own when you step up to the plate

sell! sell! sell!